Why Should SaaS Companies Invest in a Video Production Service?


Video is a crucial medium to showcase the unique values your product adds to the industry.

Educational Value

Success in healthcare marketing is all about promoting credibility and expertise – and video is a primary avenue to do it.

Enhanced Branding

There is no place for shortcuts in healthcare branding. Professional video production services are the key to making the biggest impact.

Create Awareness & Leads

Video is the most engaging medium available. Healthcare companies that leverage video get 20X more visibility than those that don’t

Our Video Production Capabilities

A video content strategy has many layers. The team at Outcomes Rocket specializes in several different formats to help you promote your product at a high level. Our video production service covers:

  • Corporate videos
  • Brand storytelling videos
  • Effective advertising videos
  • Video podcast production
  • Explainer videos
  • Product and service videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Event videos
  • Social media videos
  • And more…
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Why Choose Our Expert Video Production Services Agencies?

Adding value to your product’s name is no easy task in the healthcare industry.

Outcomes Rocket knows this field backward and forward – and we understand what it takes to stand above competitors.

We’re here to help you reach your goals.

Our Proven Video Production Process

From Concept to Completion: Your Video Journey with Us

Outline your production process, using visuals to illustrate each step:

 1. Pre-production
We work closely with you to develop a video content plan, script, and storyboarding to deliver the strongest message.

2. Production
Our technical team works in sync to manage filming, lighting, and sound with a high professional standard.

3. Post-Production
Once the cameras stop rolling, we’ll get right to work editing the content, managing sound design, and incorporating visual effects.

Why Choose Our Expert Video Production Services for Healthcare SaaS Companies?

We bring years of experience in SaaS healthcare marketing and a diverse team of experts in video production services – from strategists and copywriters to videographers and sound engineers. No matter what message you’re trying to promote, we’ll make sure it packs the strongest punch.

Hear from Our
Happy Clients

Outcomes Rocket’s dedication to our project’s success was clear, making them more than a service provider — they became a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of healthcare marketing.

Their standout advantage lies not only in crafting focused and visually compelling marketing assets (including producing a podcast) but also in their profound understanding of the healthcare industry, its key players, and the most effective outreach strategies.

Jean-Noel Frydman

Company – Sleephealth.org

Digital Outreach and Website Strategist

They are extremely professional and I would recommend their team to anyone looking to start a podcast or looking for marketing expertise and development.

Michal Hipner

Company – Niterra Ventures

Technology & Healthcare VC Leader

I’m very happy Outcomes Rocket are helping us with marketing now. Generating leads through LinkedIn and Meta like never before!

Jonathan Kaplan

Company – BuildMyHealth

CEO & Founder

Their ability to quickly understand what we needed from a marketing perspective and deliver on that in an affordable, but also, comprehensive way, really made the difference.

Ed Gaudet

Company – Censinet

CEO & Founder

If you’re you’re thinking about interviewing expertise and Generating good content and insights in your industry because that’s who you sell to, I think it’s Outcomes Rocket is a really great way to do that.

Joe Kim

Company – ProofPilot

Chief Strategy Officer

We wanted to begin to create awareness of our company on a broader scale and we thought that podcasting could help us do that. For people who are looking for that kind of same help that we needed, for me, there is no other path to launching a podcast outside of getting expert help from Outcomes Rocket.

Jesse Arnoldson

Company – MedMan

Partner / Chief Marketing Officer

Great company to work with! They are experts in all things digital marketing. Highly recommend.

Annmarie Clark

Company – KLAS Research

Senior Marketing Manger

Renee Thompson

Company – Healthy Workforce Institute

CEO & Founder

Outcomes Rocket is a reliable marketing partner that is really commited to helping us reach our goals.

Fran Ayalasomayajula

Company – Reach


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