How Outcomes Rocket Help You GROW

Marketing Strategy Process:

Initial Consultation and Needs Analysis:

We’ll take a deep dive into your product, your target users’ challenges, and market gaps to find the perfect approach.

Strategy Development

Our strategists will map out every aspect of your marketing campaign in detail – including tactics, projections, KPIs, and more.

Execution and Management

No matter what tactics your marketing strategy involves, we work with industry-specific experts to handle all tasks with professionalism.

Performance Monitoring and Adaptation

Our healthcare marketing services are never set in stone. We’re constantly analyzing the performance of your campaign to continuously improve the results.

Our Approach to Healthcare Marketing Services

No two SaaS companies are the same – which is why we provide highly customized healthcare marketing services to each client.

Our strategists, creatives, and data analysts view every project as a blank slate, diving into the details of your SaaS platform to develop an innovative campaign that differentiates you in the crowded industry.

Data-Driven Strategies

We don’t take shots in the dark based on what we think might work. Every decision, tactic, or optimization plan is backed by data analysis to ensure we hit the mark every time.

Brand Development and Positioning

Branding is the basis of every healthcare marketing service we offer. We’ll take a deep dive into your current perception – and make any changes necessary to position your brand as an expert in the field.

Full Suite of Digital Marketing Tactics

Every marketing strategy is different – which is why we offer a comprehensive catalog of marketing services – SEO, content marketing, social media, video, and more.

Covering All Your Bases Owned, Paid, and Earned Media

Owned Media

Owning your web presence so it commands authority and builds trust is the job of owned media. This includes your website, landing pages, social media pages, brand content, SEO, and other information dissemination channels like blogs, newsletters, and podcasts. Outcomes Rocket’s healthcare marketing experts can craft an owned media strategy and help your healthcare brand execute it with the creation of original content that gains awareness, trust, and engagement from your ideal healthcare buyers.

Paid Media

When seeking rapid growth in the healthcare sector, it’s crucial to cultivate significant awareness that garners attention and generates leads effectively. Our expertise lies in crafting paid campaign strategies tailored to place your company directly in front of genuine healthcare decision-makers. Whether through targeted campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Doximity, Google, Meta, YouTube, or TikTok, we possess the knowledge and skills to reach your ideal B2B clientele and drive success.

Earned Media

To effectively influence major Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), national payers, and esteemed health systems, brands must secure the backing and validation of third-party media outlets. Outcomes Rocket specializes in addressing your healthcare public relations needs, facilitating access to third-party articles, media exposure, and harnessing user-generated content. These efforts collectively enhance brand credibility and authority within the industry.

Why Choose Outcomes Rocket for Marketing Strategy?

Expert Collaboration

We treat our client relationships as partnerships – operating with 100% transparency from end to end.

Healthcare Focus

Our healthcare marketing services are designed exclusively for SaaS companies. No cookie-cutter tactics or one-size-fits-all mindsets.

Adaptable Partnership

The digital world evolves at light speed. No matter how the healthcare marketing landscape changes, we stay ahead of the trends to ensure you’re using the most cutting-edge strategies.

Talent and Resources Provision

We only work with marketing professionals with expertise in the healthcare industry. You can rest assured each tactic is carried out with an intricate knowledge of the field.

Enhancing the Healthcare Industry with Us!

You created and launched your SaaS platform, medical device or services to make the healthcare industry smarter and more beneficial to the world. Let’s introduce your product the right way.

What Our Clients Say:-

Outcomes Rocket’s dedication to our project’s success was clear, making them more than a service provider — they became a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of healthcare marketing.

Their standout advantage lies not only in crafting focused and visually compelling marketing assets (including producing a podcast) but also in their profound understanding of the healthcare industry, its key players, and the most effective outreach strategies.

Jean-Noel Frydman

Company –

Digital Outreach and Website Strategist

They are extremely professional and I would recommend their team to anyone looking to start a podcast or looking for marketing expertise and development.

Michal Hipner

Company – Niterra Ventures

Technology & Healthcare VC Leader

I’m very happy Outcomes Rocket are helping us with marketing now. Generating leads through LinkedIn and Meta like never before!

Jonathan Kaplan

Company – BuildMyHealth

CEO & Founder

Their ability to quickly understand what we needed from a marketing perspective and deliver on that in an affordable, but also, comprehensive way, really made the difference.

Ed Gaudet

Company – Censinet

CEO & Founder

If you’re you’re thinking about interviewing expertise and Generating good content and insights in your industry because that’s who you sell to, I think it’s Outcomes Rocket is a really great way to do that.

Joe Kim

Company – ProofPilot

Chief Strategy Officer

We wanted to begin to create awareness of our company on a broader scale and we thought that podcasting could help us do that. For people who are looking for that kind of same help that we needed, for me, there is no other path to launching a podcast outside of getting expert help from Outcomes Rocket.

Jesse Arnoldson

Company – MedMan

Partner / Chief Marketing Officer

Great company to work with! They are experts in all things digital marketing. Highly recommend.

Annmarie Clark

Company – KLAS Research

Senior Marketing Manger

Renee Thompson

Company – Healthy Workforce Institute

CEO & Founder

Outcomes Rocket is a reliable marketing partner that is really commited to helping us reach our goals.

Fran Ayalasomayajula

Company – Reach


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