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Our clients are leaders and experts from across the healthcare landscape who seek to improve the world with their innovations.  If you sell to payers or providers, we can help.

Outcomes Rocket has over a decade of experience helping healthcare businesses and organizations achieve success and make an impact in their niche.

We have a deep understanding of the healthcare world and work closely with you to clarify your messaging, identify product-market fit, and position your brand effectively in front of payers and providers for growth.

Healthcare marketing and communications for companies selling to payers and providers

Outcomes Rocket works with you to obtain measurable results through comprehensive strategy, insights, and marketing campaigns that produce results. We offer highly targeted and practical strategies to help you reach your goals.

Podcast Production

When done right, a podcast generates ROI and should not be a cost center for your business. Generate leads and position your brand as a thought leader with the right strategies.


The lost (or poorly done) art of webinars can help you create content with your customers and ideal buyers all while generating leads as a thought leader.

Digital Marketing

Now that you have leads, use digital communication channels to obtain cost-efficient conversions and quantifiable results.

Content Marketing

Podcasts and webinars are content flywheels. Leverage the power of the two platforms to create a content engine that helps you shine above the rest.

Social Media

Being uknown is the problem most businesses face. Rip through the noise that makes most companies fail. Capitalize on social media trends to connect with your target audience, drive traffic, and increase brand awareness.

Website Design and Development

Your website should be generating leads for you. If your website is not, lets talk. We can remedy this well known chronic condition.

Thought Leadership Program

We run a podcast that generates 90K+ downloads a month to healthcare B2B listeners. We can help you target a message to your ideal client on the Outcomes Rocket Podcast.

Learn how working with us can help you skyrocket your business.

Our Values

We uphold a culture of discipline where we follow through on our commitments without fail. This discipline is embedded in our individuals and reflected in our actions. We consistently train and learn to exceed our potential, not just for personal growth but also to enhance our client’s experiences. Through discipline, we continuously improve and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Accountability is paramount to success, and we prioritize it in our business. We hold ourselves and our clients accountable for achieving their objectives. We believe that genuine progress is the result of extreme accountability, and our proven track record demonstrates this. We are committed to delivering extraordinary results by upholding accountability.

We value the mindset of always finding a way to yes. We cultivate a culture of possibility, celebrating creativity and innovation to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. Our commitment to this principle drives us to approach every challenge with a positive and creative mindset, and we believe that there is always a way to make things happen.

We value persistence as a core principle in our organization. We cultivate a culture of determination and resilience that enables us to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary outcomes. Our commitment to perseverance means that we celebrate progress, learn from setbacks, and are always seeking innovative solutions. This dedication to persistence drives us to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations.

Our organization is driven by ambitious goals, and we understand that transparent communication is crucial to achieve them. Our team emphasizes transparency within departments, with clients and throughout the organization. This enables us to prioritize our work effectively and stay aligned towards our objectives.

We exclusively hire individuals with a growth mindset. Our team members’ commitment to personal, professional, and financial development is critical to our growth as an organization. When we all share a common purpose, vision, and areas for improvement, we work cohesively to achieve collective success. At Outcomes Rocket, alignment is essential to winning for our teams, clients, and organization.

As a business, our primary focus is delivering results for our clients. We design our products and services to drive outcomes that exceed expectations. Our commitment to being results-oriented is a core value that drives our decision-making and ensures our offerings deliver value to our clients.

Bringing healthcare and
marketing expertise together

Our experts take the time to understand your business, objectives, and hurdles and develop a personalized marketing plan to help you reach your goals.

Our understanding of the nuances of marketing and communications in the healthcare space allows us to hit the ground running to create quick and sustainable results for our clients.

We’ve interviewed over 1,200 healthcare experts across the continuum of care. These vast connections help us connect the dots to find insights and solutions others miss.

Our experienced team of developers, writers, videographers, marketing consultants, graphic designers, and communications experts build multi-channel communications campaigns that get your message to decisionmakers.

We work exclusively with businesses and organizations in the healthcare field. Outcomes Rocket has extensive experience working closely with stakeholders across the healthcare field: providers, payers, medical device manufacturers, health IT, cyber security, and pharma.

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