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Outcomes Rocket is a specialty healthcare and wellness marketing and communications agency with extensive experience across the industry. We help innovative health companies get in front of their ideal customers, make an impact in their field, and achieve major growth through customized and integrated marketing.


With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, Outcomes Rocket has curated a versatile, effective portfolio of marketing and communications services. Our expert consultants help you navigate the healthcare marketing landscape to improve outcomes and grow your business by positioning your brand as a thought leader in your field.

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In 2016, Outcomes Rocket began helping healthcare executives develop their businesses through targeted, high-quality, informative podcasts. We quickly gained prominence within the healthcare marketing podcast sphere. Based on this success, we decided to expand our creative approach and created a comprehensive and versatile suite of marketing and communications services that respond to the nuances and specific demands of the healthcare and wellness marketing space.


We take advantage of our curated network of healthcare leaders to create an innovative knowledge exchange community for healthcare executives and leaders to share important developments across all areas of the healthcare landscape. We bring experts together to improve patient outcomes and business success through marketing campaigns, podcasts, blogs, video interviews, webinars, and participation in key conferences and forums.

Our approach works

Our creative, healthcare-specific strategies have helped small and large healthcare and wellness experts and leaders grow their businesses and influence.


Outcomes Rocket Manifesto

We are inspired by excellence, top performance, and big ideas that move the spirit, and the needle.

We believe in the human potential to create joy, dream big, fuel growth, shed light, and unearth sought after wisdom.

We know ideas + action = rocket fuel that propels the creation of ground breaking solutions, products, performance, and sometimes miracles.

We love taking moon shots, thinking boldly, and backing it all up with massive action because that’s how we can transform ourselves, families, communities, and the world.

We’re committed. All in. Burn the boats.

A comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to you

Outcomes Rocket is passionate about helping innovative healthcare and wellness industry experts make an impact in their field and achieve business success. Our consultants work closely with you to thoroughly understand your business, its mission, goals, and achievements to create an effective marketing strategy tailor-made to your needs.

Our integrated communication and marketing strategies get your message to the right people using a multi-channel approach. We can help you position and grow your business through the following services:

The Outcomes Rocket Method

Once you have decided Outcomes Rocket is the right fit for your business, it’s time for us to get to work!


First, we spend time getting to know your business, market position, value proposition, goals, and challenges to reaching those goals. Once we have a thorough understanding of your business objectives, we pressure test key areas to determine marketing and communications priorities


We then develop and propose a campaign strategy based on those priorities. The strategy may be time-based or event specific. Together, we identify key performance indicators to measure campaign success.


Once you are happy with the strategy, we put together a detailed plan, develop a timeline, and assign a team of writers, editors, graphic artists, video producers, and other experts who quickly and professionally execute the campaign.


During implementation, we will communicate with you frequently to obtain your feedback and suggestions. We will also track the performance indicators important to you, whether those are increased website views, media coverage, leads, or partnerships.


When the campaign is complete, we carry out a participatory review to determine and visualize its performance and impact.

For more information on our range of marketing strategies, check out our Services page.

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